Whole Life Consultants

MPEL is proud to announce a partnership with WLC (Whole Life Consultants), the partnership is enlarging our capacity to best meet our customer expectations. The direct link of WLC to the University of Dundee is strengthening our approach toward transfer of technology.

Whole Life Consultants Limited is a spin out company of the University of Dundee. Founded in 2004, originally to commercialise the research outcomes from the Construction Management Research Unit (CMRU). The CMRU is part of the Department of Civil Engineering which achieved the sixth highest score in the UK in the latest Research Assessment Exercise.

Supported by the research carried out by the CMRU, the company is ideally positioned to realise the synergies between academic research and practising professionals.

The company's multi-disciplinary staff, of whom most are qualified to PhD standard, include Civil, Mechanical and Environmental Engineers and Computer Scientists.

The WLC  team has applied ILS, FMECA and RCM to various assets and is currently applying them to infrastructure systems.  These tools help design, build, operate and maintain as well as support a system throughout its life whilst meeting client requirement at lowest whole life costs. 

Other techniques in the ILS toolbox are reliability, maintainability and availability which can be applied to understand and model the interdependencies of infrastructure systems. We also work in the areas of sustainability assessment, labour forecasting and productivity improvement.

For more information on WLC please visit: http://www.wlcuk.com/