About Us
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MPEL: Who we are

  • Setup in 2004 with experts having a wide experience from various industries (public transport, engineering, FMCG, public administrations, etc..)
  • Based in Luxemburg, the heart of Europe to reach the global market (wide experience in almost all continents)
  • Our primary background is project & program management services where we are recognised as experts in our field. We take inspiration of the best-in-class methodologies (from PMI, APMG, EU etc..) to propose pragmatic approach and tailored solutions to our customers 
  • Our core competencies logically extended to management consulting to help our customers taking good decisions by relying on Life Cycle Cost analysis coupled with set up of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework (using ISO31000 standard)  
  • Some major references: Nestlé, STIB (Brussels Public transport operator), De Lijn (Belgian regional public transport operator)  Véolia Transport (previously Connex), Eiffage, Yapi Merkezi...

Our Approach

  • MPEL Consultants will be embedded within your organization. They are performing their tasks with the upmost ethical value and with all required independence.
    • Our consultants are experts in their fields, mastering all the facets of their profession using best in class industry standards and methodologies.
  •  Our consultants are Subject Master Experts who have an intense and diverse experience through practice and education in their given area of expertise.
    • As our customers can testify, a MPEL expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of know how that has all the faculties for judgment and decision making.  In that sense, MPEL selects its consultants first on the ground of being able to pragmatically apply the best methodologies to bring you the solution you need rather than bringing a dogmatic theoretical approach.
  • Ultimately we are a small but focus service company, our pricing is not inflated with heavy overhead, what you’ll pay is what you’ll get.