IS/IT Program & Project Management
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IS/IT Project Management Expertise

Over more than 10 years through its founding experts, MPEL is serving state of the art project management services in the IS/IT area for large corporation. That knowledge covers all type of projects in that area:

  • Functional area with process mapping on large ERP system such as SAP in the context of business process outsourcing programs, divestiture/acquisition of companies where the functional workflow need to be re-mapped to the acquirer company, etc..
  • Service Delivery outsourcing: transitioning of IS/IT services to 3rd party, services re-organization, knowledge transfer phase, etc..
  • IS/IT process modeling following internationally recognized methodology such as ITIL
  • Deployment to very large corporation (100 000+ users) of standardized IT platform: Active Directory, client & server OS, unified messaging system, monitoring system, software distribution, standardized network (global WAN & common LAN standard)…both in office environment & industrial environment (i.e. system managing the factory floor)
  • Software development

All those projects have been managed through pragmatically implemented best-in-class project management methodologies inspired from the Project Management Body of Knowledge® ( from PMI).

Our offering is different from others in the sense that very often unfortunately project management best practices seems to be forgotten in the IS/IT area despite the huge budgets that are involved. MPEL is proposing you independent senior project managers in that area that has the benefit of combining both an extensive knowledge of the industry and high level of expertise in project management. By our culture and experience, we will implement the best methods and tools to manage with you your IS/IT projects or programs. Importantly, compared to what large IS/IT service delivery company will propose you, we will not impose a way of working, we will come out with our accumulated toolset that we will accommodate to match your needs in terms of corporate culture, reporting requirements, etc..
If you also have a need to enlarge your technical team or need to delegate a certain work package, we will be please to assemble a team of IS/IT experts that will be coming out of our extensive networking in the area. We will propose you experts that we had the opportunity to work within the past so that you can be confident that MPEL is engaging its responsibility towards their assignments.

As for MPEL other services, MPEL is able to provide you a global reach, having experts that can be called in most part of the world.

For more information please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the feedback form. [direct link to the feedback form] We will get back to you shortly.