Strategic Decision Analysis
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Capital Investment Decision Making Enhanced Challenge

  • Enhance complexity to take a ‘good’ decision as options and alternatives have drastically increase since the last decade in terms of sourcing options, technological evolutions, financing sources, political evolutions... hence the requirement more than ever for corporations to set up a proper decision making process for strategic investment within their organisations
  • Enhance scrutiny from general public, interest groups, media, shareholders to take economical sustainable investment decisions
  • Uncertainties spread over time have more than ever an exponential effect on long range investment alternatives evaluations given the current business climate
  • Increase awareness by corporations that overall risk exposure needs to be better understood and controlled


Forewords: Decision-Making: the reason to bundle our LCC & ERM offer

MPEL is convinced that decision analysis is the ‘glue’ that makes Life Cycle Cost and Enterprise Risk Management sticks together (and to an additional extend not covered by this presentation, Program & Portfolio Management) :

  • Life Cycle Cost would not have to be considered if we were not speaking of investment decision that spans over a broad period of times and with a cost structure that offers a multitude of alternatives to be selected from 
  • Enterprise Risk Management would not have to be considered if we were not speaking of investment decision that creates an important amount of threats and opportunities that need to be captured, analysed and incorporated in the decision-making process